Bewafa hei koi

Kaisi sharaarat hei ye mere yaadon ka
Ek bewafa ki yaad aa rahi hei
aankhon mei jaise nami si chaagayi hei,
zindagi guzargayi apni mehfil sajaate sajaate,
gairon ke saath wo kahi khushiyan mana rahi hei..

32 thoughts on “Bewafa hei koi

  1. If you are using a smartphone to write on WordPress then go to input method on your phone’s settings, on the key board. Add a language, Hindi.

    If you are posting from your PC/ lappie then
    Open google
    Type…. download google transliterated.
    A window will open, click on Hindi.
    You will be able to see it at bottom right side on your screen as EN/HI in toggle mode.
    To type….
    Open your msword file.
    Click on EN and select HI for Hindi.
    Now position cursor in your word file and type in Roman Hindi. It’ll automatically convert into Hindi. It uses MANGAL as default font.
    Hope this helped. Plz do let me know if assistance is needed.

    Still if problem persists then msg me your email. I’ll send you screenshot to explain.

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