Tumko na bhoolpaayenge

Zindagi bhar dil mei sajaake rakhenge,

aapke saath guzre har pal yaad rakhenge..

Aap hume bhool bhi jaaye toh koi gham nhi,

Dard- E-Dil seene mei chupaa kar rakhenge.

89 thoughts on “Tumko na bhoolpaayenge

  1. I’m new to WordPress so follow like and comment on both my websites. Thanks and I follow back.

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    1. aur nomination accept karna Zaroor toh nhi hei na? Pls compulsory na boliye..actually mera ye blog abhi 6 mahine hi hue hei..toh log jab meri blog ka link kholenege toh unhe agar shayari na dikhe aur ye 3 quotes challenge dikhega toh koun dekhega ji…isiliye mei aap sabse vinati karta hu ki mujhe challenges mei ya Awards mei abhi nominate na kare..pls ranjeeta ji sorry.. Mei aapka nomination accept na karna

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      1. It’s not compulsory. But I thought that you wanted it. That’s why you kept in needling me to add you in an award or a challenge. If you didn’t want it or weren’t ready you should not kept on leaving mails regarding the same and being asked to be nominated for one. Rest is your choice. No it’s NOT compulsory. But next time I would appreciate if you don’t pester someone when you are not serious about something

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        1. I didn’t ask u to nominate in the challenge ranjeeta ji..I was just asking about what is it bcoz a fellow blogger nominated me so just wanted to know what is it and is it compulsory or not

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