3 Days 3 quotes challenge, Day 1

Thank you atrangizindagieksafar, Rashmi giving me the opportunity to share a few quotes that I love, by nominating my blog for the challenge.

If you want to read something different that can move your soul, visit Jane’s blog. Her imagery is simply out of the world…!!

When I read her works i can almost visualize them happening in front of my eyes…!!!

My quote for today, Day 1…

One who Wins without problem,

It is just; “VICTORY

But, One who Wins with a lot of troubles That is ; “HISTORY

Sir Adolf Hitler

Tu kehti hei ke tujhe bhool gaya hei zamaana

Zamaana hi kya, Tere gham mei toh bhool gaye hei phool bhi khilnaa

Gul Barsha🌷

People would live by my Rule,

or they would Die

Amogh Joshi

These are the rules of the challenge :

1. Three quotes for three days.

2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).

3. Thank the person who nominated you.

4. Inform the nominees.
5. Try and visit new blogs that you come across in the challenge, like or comment on any post you may like there.

So, Here are my nominees for today:




They are all beautifully and wellwritten blogs. Please do check them out

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