Quote Challenge Day 3:

Today is my last day of posting the 3 day 3 quote challenge …

Thanking atrangizindagieksafar, Rashmi,
once again for the last time for nominating me for the challenge..

Check details from the Challenge Day 1, please.. 😁😛

So my quote for today is :

बदलती दुनिया का

ऐसा असर होने लगा..

आदमी पागल..

और फोन स्मार्ट होने लगा।

– समय

So My nominees for today are:

Mahesh mali


Faisal khan

They are too awesome please do visit their blogs and like comment or follow if u like any of them

Have a Nice day 😁

79 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 3:

  1. Hello! Thank you for all the likes on my blog. I am sure yours is very nice too but I don’t read/understand hindi. It is very sad… cause I was born in Gujarat but unfortunately I have lost most of my Gujarati as well.

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  2. how I wish I could write something in Hindi.. but I really can’t .. havent written a word in Hindi since I passed my 10 ,almost 8 yrs to b precise😂😁 keep posting more Budd..n keep up the good work

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            1. I visit Maharashtra every year for worshipping Tuljaapur temple which is generally known as Shivaji palace, and do you many people in India from different states come here to hyderabad, So, I try to learn all the languages from all the states


    1. Gandhi ji ki wajah se hi toh Pakistan aur India alag hogaye hei…Most of the people in our country India only know that Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi, but why he killed.?. Only A few know about it.. Google it and see u’ll know…

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  3. Hallo. I took a chance with babelfish.com, not understanding the language of your quote and guessed at Hindi from the available options with the result: “Started having an impact of the changing world. Man crazy. And smart. – Time” ~ wondering if you mind confirming that this is an accurate English translation – and also curious as to a textual/contextual source for this quote (such as perhaps by popular saying, or something alike?) Happy Diwali, with very best wishes (all), Colette 🙂

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  4. I’m new to WordPress so follow like and comment on both my websites. Thanks and I follow back.


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