Dard-E- Dil

Dil ye meri dard bhari.
Tumse kahoon fir bhi wahi,
Pyaar tumse karoon hargadi,
Tumse bhi hei pyaar
Maaut par bhi hei aitbaar,
Dekhte hei pehle kaun aata hei,
Dono ka hei mujhe intezaar…

9 thoughts on “Dard-E- Dil

  1. google lets me see better what you put down as otherwise i’m a tad lost. but ack! let’s who dies first? no no, it is true we wont always all of us make it forever so it is a bit of a game of who wins out and naps first.. but such a sentiment when you could have posted it most ghoulishly timed for scary halloween? where it’s all about things that go boo! like ghosts. but anyways, thanks for coming my way.

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